Where Do You Need Sound Masking and Why?

Where Do You Need Sound Masking and Why?

60% of employees report being more productive at work when the office is quiet.

Qt Pro™ Sound Masking provides an affordable and effective solution to protect speech privacy and reduce distractions of nearby conversations while improving worker productivity and comfort.

Sound masking works by emitting a uniform, barely perceptible background sound into the environment through speakers located in the ceiling tiles.

Where is Sound Masking Used?

  • Corporate: Open office, private office and conference rooms
  • Healthcare: Patient rooms, waiting areas, reception areas
  • Hospitality: Guest rooms, lobby areas, spas
  • Government and Law: Secured facilities, courtrooms, law offices
  • Technology: Engineering labs, co-share spaces, design studios
  • Finance: Call centers, retail banks, board rooms
  • Education: Research laboratories, student centers, libraries
  • Venues: Houses of worship, conference centers, airport lounges

Why Use Sound Masking?

  • Create a collaborative work environment without jeopardizing speech privacy
  • Reduce the need for expensive sound absorptive and blocking materials
  • Build out fewer private offices maximizing existing office space
  • Comply with the speech privacy requirements of HIPAA and GLBA regulations
  • Meet LEED indoor environmental quality requirements without sacrificing worker comfort or privacy

To learn more about the benefits of the QtPro sound masking system, watch Sound Masking 101. Or to schedule a live demo, please contact Officeprivacy.com

Office Privacy is an authorized reseller and installer of QtPro SoundMasking systems, manufactured by Cambridge Sound Management.

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