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FAQ for Qt Systems

Get the answers to the questions our team are most often asked.

Does this system have any effect on long-term hearing or loss?

No, this system has no negative impact on hearing or the human brain. Sound masking noise contains the same frequency content as the human voice making it no more harmful than a conversation. Additionally, sound masking systems operate at a very low level compared to decibel levels which cause hearing loss. The goal of sound masking is that people become oblivious to the system – and as a result, oblivious to the many distractions surrounding them in the workplace. There is no published material indicating that sound masking contributes to hearing loss.

My office is cold. Is there air coming from the sound masking system?

No, although the speakers emit an air conditioning-like “whooshing” sound, air does not flow from the system. The solution is simple – turn up the heat!

Why do I need four channels of sound masking?

A channel is a random noise sequence. If all of the sound masking emitters are playing the same sound, it is easy to get interference. Interference can occur at certain points when two identical signals are exactly out of phase, essentially causing noise cancellation. There might also be points where the identical signals are exactly in phase, creating an increase in sound level. This prevents sound uniformity as someone moves through the space. Cambridge Sound Management uses a four channel system to maximize not only the effective sound masking, but also ensure the comfort of occupants. With four channels, it is almost impossible to end up with adjacent speakers on the same channel, therefore eliminating acoustical interference.

I can still hear others in my office. Is the system working correctly?

If you are in an open area, you may still hear activity noise around you, although they will be less noticeable with the sound masking turned on. For instance, with sound masking, you will not be able to hear the details of a conversation taking place 20 to 30 feet away.

Do I have to reset the system if the power goes out?

No, it is not necessary to reset the system after a power outage. The control module is equipped with a non-volatile memory, so it will return to the correct volume level should power be interrupted.