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White Papers

The Science Behind Sound Masking

Advanced acoustic and scientific knowledge led to the development of our Qt Quiet Technology™ sound masking systems. Here you’ll discover the science behind our systems directly from our engineers.

What Makes a Sound Masking System Sound Good?

Sound masking systems were invented to improve privacy in office environments.


What is Qt Quiet Technology™?

Behind all Cambridge Sound Management’s products is our patented Qt Quiet Technology, a low voltage, distributed audio system that is a generation ahead in sound masking, paging and voice distribution.


The What, Where, Why & How of Sound Masking

Sound masking is the addition of a familiar sounding, air conditioning-like background sound to an environment.


Explaining the Speech Privacy Potential Rating

One of the most common concerns with demising wall constructions involve the resulting acoustical privacy between the two spaces. Fortunately, a metric known as the Speech Privacy Potential (SPP) has been developed to answer this question quickly and easily.


Improving a Hospital’s Bottom Line By Improving Patient Comfort & Satisfaction

A patient’s ability to rest and relax during their hospital stay not only improves their recuperation time, it also can improve the hospital’s bottom line.


Unique Performance Advantages

Unique performance advantages of a Qt Quiet Technology™ sound masking system.


Speech Privacy Systems: Above or In Ceiling?

Direct field speech privacy and sound masking systems are displacing conventional systems with loudspeakers mounted in the plenum.


Color of Noise

Optimum masking sound: white or pink?


Background Sound Level and Uniformity Preferences in the Open Office

Acoustical comfort is an important goal of modern office design. But what factors actually contribute to the perception of acoustical comfort?


Acoustical Etiquette

Eight simple recommendations for good acoustical etiquette in an open office plan.


COVID-19 Workplace Changes and the Impacts on Acoustics and Privacy

COVID-19 has brought about changes to the office.  As workplaces reopen with new guidelines to keep staff safe, the office as we’ve known it has changed. 


The Modern Office has a Speech Privacy Problem

Most folks are dissatisfied by their workplace’s speech privacy.