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What White Noise System Is Right for You?

A cost-effective solution to protect speech privacy and reduce distractions

When deciding what white noise system is right for you, you need to determine what your company needs. Do you need sound barriers between departments? Quiet cubicle spaces to promote productivity? No matter the need, our Qt systems have the solution for you.

QtPro offers 3 solutions suitable for any size space

Advantages of Patented QtPro Sound-Masking Systems

  • Powered by direct-field Quiet Technology developed to reduce acoustic interference.
  • Delivers uniform sound masking directly into the workspace.
  • Reduces the need for expensive construction or sound blocking materials.
  • Each emitter can be installed in less than 15 minutes and in any ceiling type.
  • The only sound masking system that can be easily installed in existing space.
  • GreenSpec listed and the most energy efficient sound masking system available.