Distractions at Work Are Costing You Money

Have you noticed that your employees are distracted by the sounds of a busy office space?

Most workplaces today feature more open spaces and smaller, often shared, workstations. As open offices are becoming more common, noise distractions are increasing, and it’s driving your employees crazy!

A 2016 Work Environment Study showed that 65% of employees were distracted by too much noise at work. In fact, in a study presented to the International Congress of Noise as a Public Health Problem, researchers found that on average employees wasted 21.5 minutes per day due to conversational distractions, making lack of speech privacy the number one cause of reduced productivity. These constant interruptions are making your employees less productive and costing you money.

But just home much is it costing you?

Even using conservative estimates, this loss of productivity adds up to big monetary losses for companies. 21.5 minutes daily is roughly 4% of an average employee’s work day (based on an 8 hour day). Some quick math shows that a company with 100 employees and an average employee salary cost of $50,000 is losing $200,000 a year in lost productivity.

Sound Masking from Office Privacy can help your employees concentrate and work more efficiently. Adding sound to a space actually makes the space seem quieter because it reduces the intelligibility of human speech. When you can’t understand what someone is saying, their words are less distracting, making it easier to tune them out.

Studies show that employees in an open office environment had better short-term memory recall when Sound Masking was present. Plus they’re more satisfied with their level of speech privacy - which means they waste less time and you waste less money.

If you’re ready to find out how you can spend less money on distractions, get a free quote from Office Privacy.

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