Fixing the Sound Problem In Your Modern Office

So, you work in a modern office? Nice, open floor plans, collaborative work spaces, and…noise. Lots and lots of noise.

You’re trying to concentrate on the presentation you’re giving at noon, but you can’t focus.

All you can hear is Nancy in the cubicle over talking about her weekend. And it’s already Wednesday so you’ve heard her story at least 3 times. Then the trash truck pulls up and starts banging around and you can’t help but see if it’s your normal trash guy. When you’ve finally managed to tune out Nancy, you’re interrupted by the horrible squeak of the conference room door.

Next to you on the other side, Paul is hopping on a call…on speaker. His phone rings and rings, until finally he’s put on hold, and now you’re hearing the usual conference line elevator music. And of course, the ice machine is broken, so the sounds of someone working around the corner ruminates throughout the entire open workspace.

So you put in your headphones and try to drown out the office chorus of Nancy’s chatting, Paul’s ringing, trash truck banging, door squeaking, and fridge working with rain sounds instead. But then you’re interrupted by the sound of the printer roaring to life, getting ready to spit out 200 copies. Courtney and Bill must have a big meeting coming up too, because they’re gathered at the printer chattering about what Melinda is going to think.

Finally, you look at the clock and realize it’s 11:30. And that you’ve wasted 2 hours just trying to refocus after constant distractions.

What if we said we could help you maintain all of the benefits of an open office, without all of the distracting pitfalls. Maybe you wouldn’t even believe us? Well, at Office Privacy, we can do just that. If you’re tired of distractions in the workplace, you need sound masking.

Sound masking works by covering up distracting sounds. When you get a sound masking system you are actually adding sound to a room in order to make it seem quieter. It might seem counterintuitive, but adding sound to a space makes human speech almost incomprehensible. When you can’t understand someone, they become less distracting. At Office Privacy, we have sound masking systems for any size office. We will work with you to help you reclaim concentration and maintain collaboration.


If you are ready to improve concentration at work, get a free quote from Office Privacy today.

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