Top 5 Benefits to Getting a Commercial Sound Masking System

Sound masking works by adding ambient sound to a room in order to make it seem quieter. It seems counterintuitive, but adding sound to a room actually makes it seem quieter because it makes human speech unintelligible, and when you can’t understand something, it’s much less likely to distract you. So what are some of the top benefits of sound masking?

Eliminate Distractions & Increase Productivity

Chances are your employees are getting distracted at work. And we know that distractions mean decreased productivity. But when sound masking is added to an office it reduces distractions. That means your employees will become more productive, which is definitely something to cheer about!

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Not only will your employees be more productive with sound masking in the office, but they’ll also be happier. Based on a study conducted by The Center for the Built Environment in Berkeley, California, the environmental factor that caused employees the most dissatisfaction at work was the lack of speech privacy. Sound masking means speech privacy for your employees and your clients.

Protect Confidentiality and Reduce Liability

Closing a door doesn’t always ensure that a private conversation cannot be overheard. But with sound masking, a closed door meeting really is private, which helps to protect client and employee confidentiality and reduce liability.

Maintain Collaboration

One of the main appeals of the open office is the ease of collaboration. Unfortunately, when sound masking is not being used, collaboration is often synonymous with noise. Luckily, when sound masking is installed, collaboration and distraction-free work places can coexist. It’s the best of both worlds.

Save Big Money

Remember those sounds that were distracting your employees pre-sound masking? Yea, well those distractions cost you money. And a lot of it. On average, employees are interrupted once every 11 minutes, and it can take up to 23 minutes to get back into the swing of things. That’s a lot of money spent on distractions that could easily be avoided with sound masking.

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