Who Can Benefit From Sound Masking?

Have you noticed your office space is noisy and busy? You’re not alone. Most office spaces are filled with lots of people all working on different tasks. It’s easy for employees to get distracted by others and become less productive. So how do you reduce distractions without compromising your collaborative environment? Sound masking does just that, and it benefits employees across all levels of an organization.

Who Benefits from Sound Masking?

Business Owners

With sound masking, you protect speech privacy for yourself and your employees while increasing productivity. By reducing noise distractions in open offices, you make it easy to focus and to collaborate. Increased productivity means less money wasted on unproductive employees!

Facility Managers

Sound masking helps increase worker satisfaction by reducing external noise and distorting word pronunciations. Sound masking also reduces operating costs by increasing employee productivity and eliminating distractions.

Property Managers

Increase the value of your space by reducing surrounding unit noise. A comfortable work space makes for more interest in your space.

HR Managers and Privacy and Compliance Managers

Comply with the speech privacy requirements of HIPAA and GLBA regulations by masking sounds of surrounding patients and customers, ensuring their information is kept confidential.

Healthcare Administrators

Increase the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores and HIPAA compliance by increasing patient satisfaction with their surroundings.


Sound masking provides a more comfortable work environment with fewer distractions, meaning employees can work more efficiently and have greater job satisfaction.


Provide more environmentally friendly work spaces, improve speech privacy, and lessen the level of distraction without adding further absorptive and blocking materials (and increase LEED scores!).


Provide a more comfortable and safe space for your clients by ensuring speech privacy. From patients in a hospital to customers in a bank, nearly every customer will appreciate the extra effort you put into protecting their confidential information.

If you’re ready to discover the benefits of sound masking technology, contact Office Privacy for your free quote today!

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