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Absorb, Block, and Cover, known as the ABC’s of acoustics, are three tools that can be utilized to improve speech privacy in today’s modern workspace. By focusing on the ABC’s, you are able to improve the acoustics of any office environment so that conversational distractions are reduced and privacy of speech is increased.

Our process is simple. We gather accurate information about your office space: square footage, current issues, etc. We then design a custom solution for your office to improve performance, and we get it done quickly because you are our priority.

  • About Us

    • More than 12 years in the industry

    • Thousands of satisfied customers

    • Systems in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces

  • Our Products

    • Biamp Cambridge QtPro Sound Masking System

    • Biamp DynasoundPro Indirect-Field Sound Masking System

    • We have you covered no matter what type of facility you have.

  • Sound Masking Works

    • Improves focus by 48%

    • Decreases distractions by 51%

    • Decreases error rates by 10%

    • Reduces stress by up to 27%

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