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The Lectrofan is the newest sound machine on the market. What makes it so great are the available features and controls. Unlike many other machines, the Lectrofan gives you full volume control.

Sound Options - 10 non-repeating unique fan & 10 non-repeating unique white noise sounds.

Multilevel adjustable volume -  Set the volume based on your environment.
USB Power - Powered via USB so you can use the LectroFan at home, work, and while traveling.
EQ Speaker Compensation - Multi-ban parametric EQ speaker compensation to ensure realistic sounds.
Sleep Timer - Set your LectroFan to poweroff once you have drifted off.

This compact unit does everything the larger more expensive units can do and more. It weighs less than 2 lbs. and is only 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.2", this powerhouse of a sound conditioner has 20 built in sounds with a timer and accurate volume control.

Choose from 10 different "white noise" variations and 10 different "fan sounds" variations, it has a built in timer with no complicated cards or add on adapters. It only uses a fraction of the electricity of the most popular sound conditioners on the market. It can run either on USB power or regular AC.

Clients expect privileged conversations to be held in confidence. For industries such as the medical and financial fields, there are strict legal standards requiring such confidentiality.

‘LectroFan provides a flexible state of the art sound masking technologies in an affordable and attractive package.

Studies show that employee productivity increases when sound masking is used. When your staff is not distracted by unwanted conversations and noises, they can focus on their work.

Your clients will be more comfortable discussing sensitive personal information with ‘LectroFan sound conditioning machines protecting their privacy.

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